>Tak, Kristina Hamlin (John?)

>Jeg sad her foran computeren og blev faktisk en kende angst ved tanken om alle de forestående trafikoplevelser. Men netop da modtog jeg denne e-mail:

From: Kristina Hamlin [mailto:tlabelle@custombroker.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2006 4:28 PM
Subject: re: what’s your opinion?


Last time we talked about the difference between Canadian and US medications. You told me that US meds are much better than other. I’ve decided to try out Canadian pharmacy. You know that i have some problems with anxiety so i used Valium and Xanax that I’ve bought at MyCanadianPharmacy drug store:use this link.

They have lower prices but their medications have such quality as US meds do. They also provide secure purchase. I’m completely satisfied and i think you’ll be satisfied, too.


Dette kunne meget vel være løsningen på min trafikangst. Tak!

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